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Redefining and reconfirming what we do

This is the first blog in our series about our brand refresh. Read the other pieces:

As one of the earliest digital health pioneers, D-tree has had the opportunity to shape and watch the field of digital health as it has grown. During this time we have evolved as an organization, moving from implementing proof-of-concept digital health projects and innovations to long-term digital health system efforts in partnership with governments.  In light of all the change, we took a step back to reflect on what we do and how we do it, even as we remain constant in our commitment to the same vision of ensuring that everyone, everywhere has access to high-quality healthcare. Today, we’re thrilled to reintroduce you to D-tree and our new brand identity. Learn more about our process to reconfirm and redefine what we do below.

Even amid massive amounts of change, global health outcomes have seen slow but steady improvements over the past years, in no small part due to digital health innovation. Global bodies such as the World Health Organization have formally recognized the transformative potential of these solutions to help governments advance their efforts towards Universal Health Coverage by making health systems more responsive, people-centered, and accessible to the people they serve.

As an organization dedicated to this vision, we have grown our team and our ability to support governments and our partners in the process of digital health system transformation. With the generous support of our donors, we have supported the Zanzibar Government to achieve national scale with their digital community health program, helped demonstrate new models for digitally enabled care in Tanzania and expanded our footprint to Malawi and Zambia. We are grateful for the strong leadership of our CEO Erica Layer, who is transitioning out of the role, and are excited to welcome D-tree’s new leader, Riccardo Lampariello in the coming months. Read more about Riccardo in our latest blog here.

Against this backdrop of change and evolution, we decided to undertake a brand refresh. The process has been an incredible opportunity for us to hear from key stakeholders and audiences about how they perceive us and how we can better communicate about what we do and how we do it. We were pleased to hear that many perceive us as authentic, collaborative and professional. These are important values to us and they guide us in every decision we take. Some of those we spoke to however, didn’t truly and fully understand what we do, and exactly how are bridging technology and health systems. This is something we have reflected on how we can explain better, and we are excited to share that we now have four areas of work, all intersecting with each other in multiple ways, but ultimately, they will help us to better tell you the impact, stories and learnings about what we do.

To achieve our vision of a world where everyone, no matter where, has access to the healthcare they need, we work with governments and partners across the below four areas:

You can find out more about these areas of work on our freshly launched website, but also keep an eye on this space to stay updated.

Though there have been changes and upgrades, it is also important to state that our core mission and vision have stayed the same. We continue to harness technology to develop solutions that transform health systems with people at the heart, making them more personalized, accessible and coordinated – ultimately leading to better health for all. Our motto “Better Decisions Save Lives” also stays true to the core of how we work, enabling all actors in the health system — clients and community health workers, supervisors, and district health managers, all the way up to the national level policymakers and planners — to make better decisions and improve health for all.

Over the next month we will share blogs and updates about what we do, but we are really excited to finally share this with you together with our new website, aiming for the industry to better understand our work.

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