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Our Work

At D-tree, we work with governments and partners to develop digital solutions that reimagine health systems with people at the center, making them more personalized, more accessible and more coordinated — leading to better health for all.

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Digital technology has the potential to transform health systems for all. But this transformation can only occur when the whole health system is strengthened holistically – improving the way care is delivered, strengthening supervision and increasing data for decision-making at every level of the health system.

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At D-tree, we are in it for the long-run. We collaborate with governments and partners to envision what’s possible, test and scale innovations within health systems, and share our learnings widely to amplify our impact.


We engage with governments to create a vision of the potential digital health has within their country.


We demonstrate how digital systems can transform primary healthcare and gather evidence.


We accompany governments to scale and institutionalize digital health programs.


We share our learnings globally and advocate for a combined public health and technological approach to help advance UHC.

We Do

Skilled and
Supported Health Workers
We strengthen and empower health workforces to foster health systems that can deliver quality care to all.
Sustainable Digital Health Transformation
We support governments to develop policies, systems and competencies for sustained digital health interventions at scale.
Digital Solutions Fit for Context
We work with partners and governments to develop tailored solutions for each context, based on local needs.
Data for Health Impact
We work to leverage, and advocate for responsible data science, use and governance.

We Work


For over 10 years we have worked in partnership with the Ministry of Health in Zanzibar to bring its first digital community health program, Jamii ni Afya, to national scale. Our current efforts are focused on accompanying the Ministry in institutionalizing the system while also exploring innovations in data science and Early Childhood Development.


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In Tanzania, we are leveraging our long-standing presence to demonstrate the possibilities of digital health system innovations, such as our project Afya-Tek, and are also supporting partners in the design and development of a unified digital community health system at the national level.


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In Zambia, we are supporting a leading Zambian partner to develop a scalable tool for HIV prevention addressing the needs of key and vulnerable populations. We are also engaging government stakeholders and partners to learn more about the community health space and the potential for digital systems.


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In Malawi, we are developing a digital tool to improve access and uptake of clinical HIV services, with the ultimate goal to achieve national HIV epidemic control.









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Afya-Tek seamlessly links together all the different points of contact to create a true continuum of care where patients know that the care they’re getting is truly the care they need.
Jamii ni Afya
Zanzibar's digitally enabled community health system delivers high-quality healthcare for all.

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