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Solutions Fit for Context

Our approach places equal emphasis on health systems and technology. We work with partners and governments to develop tailored solutions for each context, based on local needs. Through this work, we are building technology that can scale and bring countries closer to achieving Universal Health Coverage than ever before.

Many digital health solutions today fall short because they are based on the newest innovation rather than the local context and needs. Governments must be involved in the decision-making process about the technology that can work best for their health systems. But too often, these decisions continue to be made in silos, which limits the options available to the government and reduces their chance for adoption. We are proud to work closely with governments and partners and serve as the bridge between technology and public health. In our work, we always start to understand the local context, its health system challenges and the perspectives of clients, health workers and government – independent of technology, before setting about co-designing a solution.


In Tanzania, our project Afya-Tek is working in tandem with the public and private sectors, to change the way we think about the primary healthcare system. We seamlessly link together these different providers to create a true continuum of care — a new, more connected healthcare system, in which key knowledge and information is shared, treatment is coordinated and patients know that the care they’re getting at every stage in their journey is truly the care they need. Some of the impact so far have been:

  • Over 280,000 reached
  • 166,000 home visits made
  • Over 500 Health Workers engaged

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