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Better Decisions Save Lives

For nearly 20 years, we’ve used the power of digital technology to strengthen primary health systems, improve health outcomes for all and ensure healthcare is focused on the people it’s meant to serve.

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Who We Are

  • Locally led, globally connected

    We combine human-centered design and deep knowledge of the local context, with a global team of experts and cutting-edge approaches to transform health systems.

  • Trusted partner from ideation to implementation

    We serve as a trusted partner to governments across the full process of health system transformation — helping them develop, scale and integrate digital solutions into their primary health system.

  • Changing the way people experience care

    We use technology to transform health systems so that they are more personalized, accessible and coordinated, leading to improved trust and use of services and ultimately – better health for all.

Our Impact

95% successful health facility referrals
The percentage of clients referred to a health facility by a Community Health Worker who receive care within 3 days in 2022
86% facility deliveries
The percentage of women enrolled in Jamii ni Afya who delivered in a health facility in 2022
Digital Community Health Worker Program scaled
The Zanzibar Community Health Worker Program scaled to national level in Tanzania by the Government
Number of healthcare visits conducted
Number of Health Workers trained

We Do

Digital technology has the potential to transform health systems for all, but this transformation can only occur when the whole health system is strengthened holistically – improving the way care is delivered, strengthening supervision and increasing data for decision-making at every level of the health system.

Our Approach

Skilled and
Supported Health Workers
We strengthen and empower health workforces to foster health systems that can deliver quality care to all.
Sustainable Digital Health Transformation
We support governments to develop policies, systems and competencies for sustained digital health interventions at scale.
Digital Solutions Fit for Context
We work with partners and governments to develop tailored solutions for each context, based on local needs.
Data for Health Impact
We work to leverage, and advocate for responsible data science, use and governance.

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