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About Us

We improve lives by leveraging digital technology and data to transform health systems and put people at the center of care. Our goal is to improve the health and wellbeing of 4 million people by 2025, working in partnership with governments and gathering evidence on our model to advance the field.

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We see a world where everyone, no matter where they live, has access to the healthcare they need to live longer, healthier lives.
We harness technology to develop solutions that reimagine health systems with people at the center, making them more personalized, more accessible and more coordinated — leading to better health for all.

We Are

Our Why

Everyone deserves access to essential, quality healthcare. But despite their vast potential, too many health systems around the world are fragmented and face significant challenges resulting in them not being focused on the needs of the people they serve.

Our What

D-tree leverages digital technology to create solutions that transform health systems for the better, making people’s care more personalized, more accessible, and more coordinated.

Our How

D-tree partners with governments from ideation to implementation, combining a deep understanding of local contexts with global expertise to build human-centered, government-aligned digital health programs that are designed to scale and integrate into health systems — ultimately leading to sustainable, long term improvements in health outcomes for all.

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Our Story

  • The Beginning

    D-tree was founded in 2004 by Harvard pediatrician and digital health pioneer Dr. Marc Mitchell, who saw the vast potential for clinical decision support tools in the hands of frontline health workers to improve the way care is delivered, help them make better decisions and embed new and innovative methods to improve people’s health around the world.

  • Evolution

    Over the last two decades as digital health has evolved from an innovative idea to an essential approach in achieving Universal Health Coverage, D-tree’s strategy has also developed. We have moved beyond developing apps in a specific technology platform, to becoming a complete digital health system partner to governments, from ideation to implementation– supporting them in the design, building and implementation of digital health programs that are built around people’s needs.

  • Looking Forward

    Today, we’ve taken that work further than ever, from better individual decisions to digital solutions that transform healthcare at every level, from the community health worker to the Minister of Health. We have supported governments to scale digital health systems nationally, and built expertise in helping embed digital health at the policy level, to ensure sustainability. At our core, we’re always guided by our Founder Marc’s vision of better, more equitable healthcare — for people everywhere to have access to the care they need to live longer, healthier lives.

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