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D-tree and Reach Digital Health Unite to Pave the Way for Maternal Health Excellence in Zanzibar

The D-tree and Reach Digital Health enter a new partnership to transform how people experience care in Zanzibar, engaging individuals to be actively involved in their healthcare journey and bringing them closer to health providers. The partnership introduces a direct pathway for pregnant women and clients to interact with the health system.

D-tree, in collaboration with the Revolutionary Government of Zanzibar, has successfully implemented Jamii ni Afya, making basic health services accessible to nearly the entire population of Zanzibar. With a strong partnership with the government, D-tree has paved the way to historical milestones in developing Zanibar’s community health program. Health providers are supported by digital solutions, and data is actively used for better decisions and prompt actions. 

Reach Digital Health (Reach) is a renowned organisation that has spearheaded the development and expansion of the MomConnect platform in collaboration with the Government of South Africa. Focusing on empowering individuals to improve their health and well-being, Reach leverages mobile messaging platforms to connect people with personalised information and vital healthcare services. Their unique approach involves integrating technology into the existing national health infrastructure, driving lasting change at a systems level.

Against this backdrop, D-tree and Reach have recognised a remarkable opportunity to collaborate and utilise their expertise to bring about transformative changes in the healthcare system of Zanzibar. By introducing a direct pathway for pregnant women and other clients to engage with the health system, this partnership aims to engage individuals to participate in their own healthcare journey actively. 

“Thanks to this unique collaboration, we connect Zanzibaris with community health workers and facilities to make sure they are able to get the right care at the right place and at the right time. This initiative has the potential to substantially improve the health of mothers and babies now and to address non-communicable diseases tomorrow.”

– Riccardo Lampariello, CEO of D-tree.

The partnership leverages the active participation and endorsement of the Revolutionary Government of Zanzibar (RGoZ), ensuring clear and viable pathways to scale this innovation within the country’s health system. 

“This groundbreaking collaboration significantly adds to the growing body of evidence supporting the effectiveness and importance of direct-to-client health interventions within the global health landscape”

– Debbie Rogers, CEO of Reach Digital Health

Ultimately, this collaboration will result in better health outcomes by targeting priority areas, delivering client-centred healthcare services, and fostering ongoing development and utilisation of innovative digital solutions in the health sector. The collaboration between D-tree and Reach Digital Health represents another crucial step towards achieving universal health coverage in Zanzibar.



For media inquiries, please contact:

Camilla Mohabat, Communications Manager, D-Tree

Gugulethu Makhubo, Communications Manager, Reach Digital Health 

About D-tree:
D-tree uses the power of digital technology to strengthen primary health systems, improve health outcomes for all and ensure healthcare is focused on the people it’s meant to serve.

About Reach Digital Health:
Reach harnesses existing technology to improve healthcare and create social impact in low to middle-income countries.

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