At D-tree, we believe that no matter who you are or where you live, you have a right to high quality healthcare. Afya-Tek is connecting people in Tanzania with life-saving treatment and care wherever they are.

Healthcare in fragments

Local primary care services can meet up to 90% of a person's health needs. 

In Tanzania, community health workers and local private drug shops are on the front lines of health care and are often the first points of care for people.

So if the pieces are in place for Tanzania to have a robust health system, why are there still so many preventable deaths each year?

children die before their fifth birthday

women succumb to preventable maternal complications

girls age 15-19 experience early pregnancies in rural areas




1 in 3



The Tanzanian health system relies on community-based institutions that lack accurate patient information like medical history and previous interactions with the health system. When one component is weak or there isn’t integration among the players, the consequences can be fatal:

Because health systems weren't built for patients.

Afya-Tek is reimagining this system.

Personalized, digitally-enabled care. Anywhere.

Afya-Tek allows patients to engage consistently with the health system wherever they are: most often, at their doorstep with community health workers (CHWs) or at a local private drug dispenser. It reimagines Tanzanian primary healthcare to be centered around clients and to improve the coordination among providers to ensure quality care is accessible to all.

Learn how:

No matter where a patient goes, her health record is always accessible for reliable, efficient treatment and personalized care. Afya-Tek enables people to access care where it’s most convenient for them.

Patient tracking

The digital system identifies the patient by fingerprint and prompts delivery of care based on previous logged interactions and the patient’s unique needs in that moment.


If a problem or risk is identified or the patient needs more sophisticated treatment, she can get a referral to a health facility, and her health record and referral information will already be available to the facility upon her arrival .


After a pharmacy or health facility visit, the system ensures patients will have someone (a CHW) to check back in with them to ensure any issues have been addressed and they received the best possible care.


Drug Shop

Patients are able to  access high-quality healthcare where it's most convenient for them. 


Private drug shops, equipped with Afya-Tek smartphones, identify clients entering their shop using Simprints fingerprint biometric identification technology. The patient's medical record is instantly available, including any symptom that the community health worker identified in the patient's home. The system guides the dispenser through screening and allows the dispenser to record any treatment or medication that was administered in the shop. For more serious conditions, the  dispenser can also refer the patient to a health facility through the system.

Health Facility 

When a patient arrives at a health facility, a staff member equipped with an Afya-Tek device identifies her using Simprints biometric fingerprint identification technology. If the patient was referred by a community health worker or drug dispenser, the system alerts the staff member of the reason for her referral and where the referral came from. The patient's medical record is pulled up, and she is able to receive appropriate treatment quickly and efficiently.

Community Health Worker

Community health workers, equipped with Afya-Tek smartphones, visit patients in their homes and assess the patients for any symptoms that could indicate illness or, in the case of pregnant women, pregnancy complications. If any such symptoms are found, the CHW is able to refer the patient to a drug shop or health facility through the system. Later, the CHW is alerted by the system that the patient has completed the referral and returns to the patient's home for a follow-up visit.


As a community health worker, I was very pleased by the first step you took. You tried to understand what it is that we do, and what are our needs, so that you can anticipate the challenges we might face once the program is implemented and be able to intervene appropriately.

Ally Maandiko

Afya-Tek Community Health Worker

Healthcare, coordinated and strengthened

Maximizing impact

Afya-Tek supports the care of critical populations:

Newborns & children under 5

Pregnant women

Adolescents from 13-19

New mothers


155,000 +

Individuals reached

Reaching new heights

Given promising initial results, Afya-Tek is looking to the future.


The digital system will be brought directly to patients, allowing people to access on-the-go counseling and health information instantly.


Afya-Tek will double in size to serve four districts in the Pwani region of Tanzania, extending its reach to support over 750,000 people.


Tanzanian government will collaborate directly in scaling and design efforts, preparing for eventual scaling of Afya-Tek nationally.

Afya-Tek partnership

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