Harnessing digital technology’s potential
D-tree’s 5-year strategy towards Universal Health Coverage 

Executive Summary

Full Strategic Plan


D-tree International is thrilled to release its five-year strategic plan – Harnessing Digital Technology’s Potential: Moving Toward Universal Health Coverage. Founded in 2004 by digital health pioneer Dr. Marc Mitchell, D-tree has been a leader in the field of digital health, demonstrating and advocating for the potential of digital technology to transform health systems and improve health and wellbeing for all.


Digital technology is now recognized as essential to achieving Universal Health Coverage. Significant investments are being made by diverse funders and supporters globally, and governments around the world are developing strategies for the national roll-out of digital health initiatives. In order for these investments to achieve their full potential, it is critical that governments and funders have a dedicated digital health partner to make sense of emerging technology, put strategies in place for technology and human capacity development, and to accompany governments on their journeys to scale.


Our strategy focuses on four key pillars which are crucial to advancing the field of digital health for Universal Health Coverage. We will continue to engage in direct implementation and deepen our long-term collaboration with governments to support them to realize their visions for national digital health programs. We will also increase our attention to innovation and learning to contribute to the global evidence base and policy discussions. Focusing on these four key pillars will help to advance the field and bring high-quality health services to 10 million people.


It is with mixed emotions that we release our strategic plan as earlier in 2019, Dr. Marc Mitchell passed away suddenly while we were developing this strategy. His death is a significant loss for D-tree and the global digital health community as his contributions to the field were immense. However, we also feel a renewed commitment to continue to pursue Marc’s life’s work – to advance the field of digital health until everyone, no matter who they are or where they live, has access to high quality healthcare. We dedicate our strategic plan to our founder, mentor and friend, Dr. Marc Mitchell.

               This strategy is dedicated to

           Dr. Marc Mitchell, D-tree

           Founder and digital health


We invite you to join us as we embark on our journey to improve lives and strengthen health systems through digital technology.




Erica Layer

CEO, D-tree International