D-tree International announces new CEO

Updated: Mar 20, 2018

D-tree International is pleased to announce the appointment of Erica Layer as the organization's new CEO. Erica follows D-tree’s Founder and 15 year President, Dr. Marc Mitchell who will continue as Chairperson of the Board of Directors.

I am humbled and honored to take on the role of CEO of D-tree International from our Founder, digital health pioneer Dr. Marc Mitchell, who will continue to serve as the Chairperson of D-tree’s Board. Fourteen years ago, Marc recognized the potential of digital health long before the term existed, and under his visionary leadership our organization has been consistently innovating, exploring how technology can improve health outcomes in resource-constrained settings. D-tree will continue to be driven by Marc’s commitment which we all share: that every person, regardless of who she is or where she lives, has a right to high quality healthcare.

Digital health is becoming an integral part of healthcare in developing countries: governments are driving their own digital health strategies, NGOs are developing capacity in-house to implement digital health programs, and investment in digital health as a tool to reduce poverty is accelerating. We are delighted about these developments and feel it is the right time to utilize and build on D-tree’s pioneering achievements by shaping the organization to operate as a major enabler and accelerator of such developments, with partnerships at the core of our strategy.

We want to partner with organizations who would like to improve the quality and efficiency of their work, thereby improving health outcomes. We can offer various ways in which we can work together. We offer technical leadership, combining our expertise at the intersection of health and technology to support partners to design and develop high-quality digital health systems. We offer to accelerate the expanding capacities of our NGO and government partners with capacity building and training in the skills needed to build, modify and maintain digital systems. We also offer customizable turnkey digital global health products to allow other organizations to replicate successful community and facility programs rapidly, and at lower cost. And we are expanding our business development efforts to identify new partnerships and new challenges to expand our reach and impact globally.

One of our most important partnerships has been, and will continue to be, with Mangologic, with whom we have had a long and successful collaboration. Mangologic is the platform we believe is best suited to handle the complexity required in implementing real-world health system solutions at scale and to achieve improved health outcomes. The flexibility and ease of use of this software has been important for D-tree’s ability to innovate and we are now delighted to announce the formalization of a joint strategy aimed at the new goals we set out above.

There are exciting times ahead and important work to be done. I very much look forward to working with my colleagues and existing partners to pursue our common goals and look forward to meeting new partners through my capacity as D-tree’s CEO.