Maternal & Newborn Health

Jamii ni Afya: Zanzibar's national digital community health system

Launched in early 2020 by the Zanzibar Ministry of Health as part of its national Community Health Strategy, the Jamii ni Afya program offers a unique example of strong and coordinated government leadership and a unified digital community health system. Jamii ni Afya is the first digital community health program to be fully integrated into the health systems on a national scale.

Supporting safer deliveries

D-tree works to improve the quality of maternal healthcare by supporting healthy pregnancies and birth planning at the community, developing feedback loops to improve accountability, and strengthening the quality of services at facilities. Read more about our former Safer Deliveries program in Zanzibar.

Engaging the private sector to save mother & newborn lives

Despite goals for Universal Health Coverage, few resource-constrained countries have successfully engaged the private sector. Learn how D-tree, with partners Open Development and Results for Development are re-imagining health care to support UHC in Liberia.