D-tree International is at the forefront of developing programs that make motherhood safe.

Our programs support families to do birth planning, arrange for emergency transfer of women to a hospital and support post-delivery support to mother and infant.

  • Our antenatal protocols are used by nurses to ensure that each antenatal visit includes all necessary tests and examinations including birth planning, counseling, and screening for anemia, hypertension, diabetes, HIV status and syphilis.
  • Our safer deliveries program supports community health workers transfer women to health facilities when they are ready to deliver their infants.
  • Our¬†ePartogram¬†project supports nurses and midwives in monitoring maternal and foetal health during labour.
  • Our mother infant pair programs ensures that women and infant are healthy in the critical days after delivery.

Our goal is that infants enter the world in a way that allows them to live a full and healthy life nurtured by a loving, healthy mother.