More than 22,000 children under-five die each day, over 8 million deaths a year, 3 million in the first month of life. As many as 7,200 babies are stillborn every day, 2.6 million  a year.

Most of these deaths are preventable with the use of basic, proven interventions.

  • We work with WHO protocols such as IMCI to provide decision support which guarantees a good level of care.
  • Community health workers work with a simplified form of this algorithm,  CCM, to ensure good first-level screening of sick children in the community.
  • In Malawi, we are working with another WHO algorithm, ETAT, in helping health workers triage sick children in busy clinics to ensure that very sick children are given priority.

D-tree International’s work is to ensure that babies are born in facilities where they can receive excellent care during their first “golden minute;” to ensure that infants and their mothers are appropriately screened immediately after delivery and again within 48 hours of going home; to ensure that children who are ill are accurately diagnosed and correctly treated, that infants born to HIV+ mothers receive the special care they need to reach an “AIDS free generation.”

All of this to ensure that children reach their full potential as adults.